Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rose Etched Vase

Just a quick post......I did a new glass etching today....a beautiful rose design on a vase. The vase is approximately 9 inches tall.
Also, I'm really excited- I just purchased a Cricut Create machine and 3 cartridges. Hopefully it will ship quickly!!! I'm really excited about making stencils for glass etching and being able to customize more pieces.

Here are pictures of my newest etching. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is here - Butterfly Bud Vase

The beautiful weather inspired me to create a spring etching!! Growing up in Michigan, I've always loved spring and fall - spring for when everything comes back to life, with beautiful, bright, bold colors - and fall for when the leaves change to gorgeous shades of yellow, orange and red.

My newest glass etching is a single butterfly, fluttering above 2 flowers surrounded by tall leaves. I etched a 5 inch tall bud vase, which is just in time to fill with fresh spring flowers!!!

Check out my Etsy store for the new listing!!

Votive Etchings

Well, I've been playing around with glass etching...made an awesome mirror for my niece, which I unfortunately could not get good pictures of (light kept reflecting in the mirror at angles), and have practiced on a few bud vases. I was really excited about how one bud vase turned out, until I saw that on one of the flowers, the etching cream made its way under the stencil and goofed up a couple petals. I was so bummed!!! But I was able to create these matching votive holders. These votive holders will be my first glass etching listing and I'm really excited about that!!!

I think the glass etching will be a nice addition to my existing stores. I'm still debating if I will have one store for glass etching and one store for jewelry. I guess only time will tell.

Make sure to check back for new items!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glass Etching

After I finished my post last night regarding Artfire and having 2 shops, I started thinking about what I would possibly branch out into. I thought back to various crafts I did while in 4-H and I remembered a glass etching project. I've thought about doing that again from time to time, so it seems fitting that I would look into that.

About an hour later and a run to Michaels, I was playing with etching vases. I found re-usable stencils (which makes it SO much easier!) and bought letters and a florial design. Next weekend we are having my oldest niece's birthday party, so I think I might etch her name into a mirror.

This morning I did some more etching and am really enjoying it. I have a lot of ideas coming to mind, so I'm sure I'll be experimenting soon!!

Now I won't be moving away from making jewelry, the glass etching will be in addition to. Although I really am considering having each in a different store.

Check back later....I will make sure to post pictures of my newest projects!!

Until next time.....get inspired, be creative....

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I opened an Artfire store in January, but really haven't done a lot in there yet. I was able to get a $7/month membership and thought I would give it about 3 months. I was looking at my store, my slim store with only 3 items listed, and was debating if I should close up shop. But as I thought about it, I really haven't given the store a chance. I spend so much time on Etsy, that maybe I should give more time to Artfire. Unfortunately, I only have so many items to list and Etsy does not allow you to sell the same item on other sites. So, do I split my items between 2 shops, or do I "put all my eggs in one basket"? Although, if I branch out from jewelry it would work out that one shop could be jewelry and the other shop could be whatever I branch out into.

I've decided to give it more time......more of my time and a more time to really establish my shop.

Check out both my shops....

Until next time.....get inspired, be creative......

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bulking up my Store....

Well, I've been working to bulk up my inventory and had it up to 28 items....only to have a sale come through. Hey, I'll take it!!!! It was my 3rd sale online....and I get so excited every time! I will be working to increase my inventory even more. I just placed an order for supplies, going to play around with earring posts. Can't wait!!!

Here are a couple of my newer items.....

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