Sunday, April 19, 2009

Votive Etchings

Well, I've been playing around with glass etching...made an awesome mirror for my niece, which I unfortunately could not get good pictures of (light kept reflecting in the mirror at angles), and have practiced on a few bud vases. I was really excited about how one bud vase turned out, until I saw that on one of the flowers, the etching cream made its way under the stencil and goofed up a couple petals. I was so bummed!!! But I was able to create these matching votive holders. These votive holders will be my first glass etching listing and I'm really excited about that!!!

I think the glass etching will be a nice addition to my existing stores. I'm still debating if I will have one store for glass etching and one store for jewelry. I guess only time will tell.

Make sure to check back for new items!!

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