Sunday, January 10, 2010 promised....

As I promised yesterday, here are pictures of the new necklace that I made yesterday. I used antique gold plated links with 12mm Ruby Red Czech Beads and 8mm Cream Rose light Swarovski Pearls. It is finished with a lobster claw.

This was my first piece that I made with my new wire jig. I can't wait to design a necklace around it! Rest assured, I'll post pictures when I do!

And this is my tired puppy, Max.

I'm happy that I had a very productive weekend! I can't wait to see what all I can do next weekend (3-day weekend!!). One project that I will be working on next weekend is to redo my bedroom closet. I'm going to tear down the wire shelf that is currently in there and replace it with a small closet organizer. Which means, I should also probably paint the closet before I put the organizer in there.....hmmmmm. I guess I'll have to wait and see!
Make sure to check my Etsy store for my new necklace!! I will be listing it tonight.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Productive Saturday

Sorry this is going to be a short post, but today turned out to be a rather productive day....

  • Hung out in the forums on Etsy
  • Replaced 2 tires on my car
  • Made a new necklace (pictures to come)
  • Did a little shopping
  • Did a couple loads of laundry
  • Designed a new banner for my Etsy Store

New quote that I posted today in the Etsy forum: "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort" - Franklin D Roosevelt

I'll post pictures tomorrow of my new creations. Until then, have a great night!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Counting some beads......

I decided today that since I spent the last 2 days pretty much playing around online - checking out blogs, posting on Twitter, and hanging out in the forums on Etsy - that I should probably start doing something on the business side of the business and to start working towards becoming more organized. As far as the business side (of running my online Etsy store ) I started doing inventory. Has anyone done inventory on beading supplies????? Not too bad on larger beads, but some of my beads are 4mm. I had started a supplies spreadsheet last year, but didn't keep up with it. I know, what good is the spreadsheet if I don't keep up with it. I'm working through in my mind the best way to setup the spreadsheet to capture as I use beads and a spot for periodic inventory counts. The funny part is that I majored in Accounting in college, one would think that I would totally be on top of all this.....well, I guess not. I think it's more of wrapping my brain around all the aspects of running a business (I just started it last year). And to add to the fun, my husband and I started an IT company and last year was the first full year in business. Oh, and did I mention that both my husband and I work fulltime jobs outside of our 2 businesses? So last year was quite the learning year - learning how to balance creating jewelry, keeping my books, networking and promoting myself online, working 45-50 hours a week outside the house, housework (well, wait, something had to give....), marketing for our IT company (Techie Gurus LLC), keeping the books for the IT company, cooking dinner and relaxing.

With regards to the inventory spreadsheet - I'm surprised that last year I didn't create some elaborate it sad that I enjoy (I mean really, actually enjoy) designing spreadsheets????? Don't answer's sad, I know.

Other than beginning my inventory count, I did purchase and put together a 6 cube shelving unit. I think it looks pretty good, I'm happy with it anyways. It's a beginning...long ways to go though, but I have all year, right???

Well, I see another container of beads calling my to do more counting.

Hope everyone enjoyed their new year's weekend!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New quote to start the New Year

"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning" - J.B. Priestly

Well, it's not just the start of a new day, but a new month, and better yet, a new year! I am so excited for the possibilities that 2010 hold, the dreams that may come true, the accomplishments that will be made. We must not forget the past, but instead learn what we can from it and use it in our present and future. I have learned a lot in 2009 and cannot help but sit here with a huge grin on my face at the thought of what I can do with that in 2010. I was pushed far outside of my comfort zone - at work and in starting my online shop ( I look forward to building on that in 2010 and welcome new challenges.

What will you do in 2010?