Sunday, January 3, 2010

Counting some beads......

I decided today that since I spent the last 2 days pretty much playing around online - checking out blogs, posting on Twitter, and hanging out in the forums on Etsy - that I should probably start doing something on the business side of the business and to start working towards becoming more organized. As far as the business side (of running my online Etsy store ) I started doing inventory. Has anyone done inventory on beading supplies????? Not too bad on larger beads, but some of my beads are 4mm. I had started a supplies spreadsheet last year, but didn't keep up with it. I know, what good is the spreadsheet if I don't keep up with it. I'm working through in my mind the best way to setup the spreadsheet to capture as I use beads and a spot for periodic inventory counts. The funny part is that I majored in Accounting in college, one would think that I would totally be on top of all this.....well, I guess not. I think it's more of wrapping my brain around all the aspects of running a business (I just started it last year). And to add to the fun, my husband and I started an IT company and last year was the first full year in business. Oh, and did I mention that both my husband and I work fulltime jobs outside of our 2 businesses? So last year was quite the learning year - learning how to balance creating jewelry, keeping my books, networking and promoting myself online, working 45-50 hours a week outside the house, housework (well, wait, something had to give....), marketing for our IT company (Techie Gurus LLC), keeping the books for the IT company, cooking dinner and relaxing.

With regards to the inventory spreadsheet - I'm surprised that last year I didn't create some elaborate it sad that I enjoy (I mean really, actually enjoy) designing spreadsheets????? Don't answer's sad, I know.

Other than beginning my inventory count, I did purchase and put together a 6 cube shelving unit. I think it looks pretty good, I'm happy with it anyways. It's a beginning...long ways to go though, but I have all year, right???

Well, I see another container of beads calling my to do more counting.

Hope everyone enjoyed their new year's weekend!


  1. OH MY GOD....I too am a banker by day, well, FRB - not commercial bank - but crafter by night! I think you and your hubby have us beat with all your ventures - isn't it all so exciting?? Happy 2010! Hope inventoring the beads went ok - don't envy you that task. :-)

  2. OliveStreet - that is so funny!!! Working in the banking industry you understand the limit for creativity, that's why I enjoy crafting so much!!! I think inventoring is going to be a work in progress for a day or two. I look forward to reading your blog!!