Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glass Etching

After I finished my post last night regarding Artfire and having 2 shops, I started thinking about what I would possibly branch out into. I thought back to various crafts I did while in 4-H and I remembered a glass etching project. I've thought about doing that again from time to time, so it seems fitting that I would look into that.

About an hour later and a run to Michaels, I was playing with etching vases. I found re-usable stencils (which makes it SO much easier!) and bought letters and a florial design. Next weekend we are having my oldest niece's birthday party, so I think I might etch her name into a mirror.

This morning I did some more etching and am really enjoying it. I have a lot of ideas coming to mind, so I'm sure I'll be experimenting soon!!

Now I won't be moving away from making jewelry, the glass etching will be in addition to. Although I really am considering having each in a different store.

Check back later....I will make sure to post pictures of my newest projects!!

Until next time.....get inspired, be creative....

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  1. Thanks for the follow! Can't wait to see some of your glass etching!