Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two hours of creative loafing........

I was going through my quote books and stumbled upon this quote....

"Many times we will get more ideas and better ideas in two hours of creative loafing than in eight hours at a desk" - Wilfred Peterson

How true this is!!!! I have noticed that when I want to be creative, almost forcing myself be creative....I run into a huge wall and can't think of anything! For me, I really do have to be inspired in order to get creative. Sometimes I will see something and my mind will just take off with other ways it can be designed.

One thing I struggle with is combining colors. Needless to say, in college I majored in Accounting.....
But anyways, I found a color wheel and plan to start using that for ideas of colors to combine. I will be doing A LOT of experimenting coming up soon!!!

Check back to see what concoctions I come up with!!


  1. Love that quote! I'm a quote person myself!

  2. It makes perfect sense! your blog is nice. Keep writing!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.