Monday, January 19, 2009


While reading the forums in Etsy, I've noticed a lot of people talking about Artfire. Like Etsy, Artfire is a venue to buy/sell handmade, vintage and supplies, however, it is still in the beta phase. Artfire offers 2 types of seller accounts - basic (free, with limited services), and verified ($7.00/month, with more services available). The $7.00/month is only for the first 5000 verified accounts though, after that, it will be $20.00/month. Unlike Etsy, Artfire does not charge a listing fee, or take a fee for each sale. Etsy charges $0.20/listing and 3.5% of each sale.

So, I thought, what do I have to lose....I'll try it for 3 months, and at worst, I'll be out $21.00.

Check it out if you like....


  1. I've seen alot about Artfire as well, I may look into it. Cute shop :) good luck!

  2. HELP I cannot seem to figure out how to follow your blog! Usually there is a highlighted link to click, but where is yours? lol

  3. I am trying ArtFire as well. Not sure how to promote it yet??? Hope it works out for both of us....KAT